The Organizing Committee

LA Open Table Tennis Committee is a non-profit organization inaugurated in 2011 to promote the sport of table tennis for players and fans in California and the United States. The Committee is the governing body of the tournament.

Each year, the committee is comprised of 10 to 15 volunteer members, each in charge of specific functions of the event, such as competition, operation, player relations, business promotion, media relations, publication, site preparation, etc.

The Founder
Dr. Yungtai Hsu (D. Phil., St. John’s College Oxford University), Chairman of Pacific Best, Inc. He also served as Chairman of the Organizing Committee in 2011 and 2012. Dr. Hsu was appointed to the CEO’s Adversary Council of USATT in 2017.
Key Committee Members
Dr.Chuching Wang, 2017 and 2018 Organizing Committee Chairman
Roger Mo, Honorary Chairman
Frank Yeh, Honorary Chairman, Chief Operation Officer
Angela Y. Fu, Honorary Chairwoman
George Chou, Vice Chairman
Craig Krum, Tournament Director
Gao Jun and Grace Lin, Player Relations Directors
Lung Chung Law, Website & Social Media Director
James Kuo, Director
Olivia Tsai, Director
Sherry Shi, Marketing Director
Peter Sun, General Affairs Director
Paul Hsu, Traffic Control Director
James Jiang, Photo
Frank Yeh, Public Relations Director                      
Event Highlights
Over 300 — Numbers of players competed in each of the previous three tournaments.
(1/3 of Players are Juniors)

+ — Number of audiences
15 — Number of events for players of various skill levels and age groups.
1,150+ — Number of matches for the 2-day event each year.
60+ — Number of volunteers each year.
$10,000 – Prize money for the Open Singles champion
$40,000 – Total prize money