2016 LA Open Contact

2016 LA Open TT Tournament Committee contact information
Name Title Phone Email
Yungtai Hsu Founder/Treasurer
Honorary Chairman
Roger Mo Honorary Chairman
Frank Yeh Chairman
George Chou Vice Chairman/
Peter Sun Operations Director
Craig Krum Tournament Event Director 909-227-0822 craig_krum@msn.com
Gao Jun Player Relations Director
Grace Lin Player Relations/
Event Accounting Director
Sherry Shi Marketing & Sales Manager sponsorlaopen@gmail.com
Katherine She Administrative Secretary
Raymond Choy Site Management Director
Paul Hsu Traffic Control Director
Candy Chen Administrative Secretary
Dr. Chuching Wang Public Relations
James Jiang Photographer
Paul Kao Photographer
Paul Chen Site Management Director
Kai Lee Website/IT Director

Mailing address:
10725 E. Rush St.
South El Monte, CA 91733
Tel. 626-350-8839 Fax. 626-350-8886

Vladimir Samsonov

Vladimir SamsonovVladimir Samsonov (Belarusian: Уладзімір Самсонаў, Łacinka: Uładzimir Samsonaŭ) (born April 17, 1976 in Minsk) is a Belarusian professional table tennis player, ranked 9th in the world as of May 2016.[2][4] He is known in China as the “Tai Chi Master” because of his superb all-around (both offensive and defensive) style.
He is known as Mr.ECL (European Champions League) for participating in the tournament for at least 15 years straight and because he currently holds nine (9) ECL winner titles – three with Borussia, five with Charleroi, and two with Fakel Orenburg. He began his European club career when he joined Borussia Düsseldorf in 1994, then seven years later moved to Royal Charleroi in Belgium. In 2008 he moved to Spain to play for Cajagranada, but the things didn’t go the way he planned and two years later he decided to join Russian superleague club Fakel Orenburg.
He is famous for being a top-10 player longer than anyone else in official ranking history save for the legend of table tennis Jan-Ove Waldner. He first joined the top-10 in 1996, then climbed to the top position in 1998. He stayed in the top-10 for 15 years until November 2011. He is ranked #9 as of May 2016.[5] He also currently holds the distinction of being the player with most ITTF ProTour gold medals – 26 ProTour titles.
In June 2015, he competed in the inaugural European Games, for Belarus in table tennis, more specifically, Men’s singles. He earned a silver medal.